British Swim School Survival Week

Swimming lessons are so important for children to avoid tragedies in the water.  In Hudson County, the British Swim School just completed Survival Week.  It was a week for youngsters to learn what to do in the event they, or someone else, are involved in a drowning scenario.

During Survival Week, the school holds classes with students dressed in normal attire, not in swim trunks.  You never know when someone may have an emergency while in the water, and you are there, but not in your swim trunks.  There is a completely different scenario when you dive into the water to rescue a drowning victim when you are fully clothed.  That’s what the British Swim School teaches youngsters.  Safety first.  Always be prepared to assist others in trouble, but know how to do it properly, even if you aren’t dressed for the water.
You can learn more about the British Swim School, which holds classes in Harrison and Secaucus by visiting