Globally, researchers continue to work round the clock to find ways to control COVID19; and healthcare workers are on the frontlines taking care of those who have been impacted by a disease that has killed millions.

Mabel Aragon spoke to Paul Rosengren, the author of a recently released book entitled, In the Time of COVID: One’s Hospitals Struggles and Triumphs, a collaboration with Dr. Adam Jarrett, M.D., M.S., Chief Medical Officer for Holy Name Hospital in Bergen County, New Jersey, the epicenter of the pandemic in the Garden State early on.

Paul shares his discussions with Dr. Jarrett about the concerns regarding the pandemic at its onset and the steps medical workers have been taking to take care of their patients during this untimely and challenging period. Dr. Jarrett’s firsthand account includes some of the most difficult moments he’s witnessed, as well as heartfelt stories of healing and communities uniting.

“Probably one of the most interesting parts was something that he added at the very end, that Adam added and we had a discussion about which talks about what treatments he would want at what stages of COVID, and I think it’s really helpful for anybody who has COVID or knows somebody who has to kind of understand, well at this stage, this makes sense and at this stage, this does not make sense and kind of work through it.”

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