Cohen & Jabbour Support Resolution Pertaining to Hoboken’s Washington Street Bike Lanes

Hoboken Council members Phil Cohen and Emily Jabbour’s Statement on the City Council’s Passage of Resolution Encouraging Mayor Bhalla’s Administration to Retain the Services of a Traffic Engineer to Assess the Feasibility of a Retrofit of Washington Street Design to Modify the Existing Bike Lanes to Become Protected and Separated Bike Lanes 
Hoboken City Council members Phil Cohen and Emily Jabbour issued the following statement with respect to the City Council’s Passage of a Resolution Encouraging Mayor Bhalla’s Administration to Retain the Services of a Traffic Engineer to Assess the Feasibility of a Cost-Effective Retrofit of Washington Street’s design.
“We are gratified that last evening the Hoboken City Council passed (6-3) the resolution we introduced encouraging Mayor Bhalla’s Administration to retain the services of a traffic engineer to assess a cost-effective retrofit that would allow the unprotected bike lanes on Washington Street to be redesigned as protected and separated bike lanes. The COVID-19 pandemic and the experience of the State of Emergency make clear that the businesses on Washington Street seek increased foot traffic to support their businesses.  Introducing protected and separated bike lanes have boosted businesses and revitalized commercial districts throughout the country.  The recent introduction of enhanced outdoor dining and business spaces on streets and sidewalks also show us how separated bike lanes will safely allow bikers of all ages and abilities to travel on Washington Street without competing with trucks, cars and NJ Transit busses — keeping cyclists off sidewalks — and allowing increased accessibility to Hoboken businesses for customers using motorized wheelchairs or other mobility devices.
We hope that next year we will see a traffic engineer’s report addressing the feasibility of a Washington Street redesign with an eye to minimizing the length of time and disruption to our Washington Street traffic patterns during any future construction work, and estimating the costs of those designs. Then, Mayor Bhalla and the City Council will be able to better assess the costs associated with protecting the safety of our cyclists and pedestrians, furthering the City’s Vision Zero goals of eliminating all traffic related injuries and deaths by 2030, and realizing the City’s Climate Action Plan goals.”
The approved resolution can be read at pages 813-814 of the City Council’s Meeting Agenda Packet located here:


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