Complete Committee Assignments For Hudson’s Assembly Delegation

The complete roster of Committee assignments for Hudson County’s Assembly delegation has been revealed by Speaker Craig Coughlin for the 221st Legislative session.  On Wednesday we announced that freshman Assemblyman John Allen (D-District 32) of Hoboken had been appointed to three Committees.

Below is a list of the Full Assembly assignments for the six, Hudson County-based members of the 31st, 32nd and 33rd Districts.

  • Budget  –  Gabriel Rodriguez (D-District 33)
  • Community Development & Women’s Affairs – Barbara McCann Stamato (D-District 31), Jessica Ramirez (D-District 32)
  • Consumer Affairs – William Sampson (D-District 31) Chairman
  • Financial Institutions and Insurance – John Allen (D-District 32)
  • Housing – John Allen (D-District 32)
  • Labor – William Sampson (D-District 31) Vice-Chairman
  • Military and Veterans’ Affairs – Jessica Ramirez (D-District 32)
  • Public Safety and Preparedness – Julio Marenco (D-District 33), Gabriel Rodriguez (D-District 33)
  • Science, Innovation and Technology – Julio Marenco (D-District 33)
  • Telecommunications and Utilities – Julio Marenco (D-District 33)
  • Tourism, Gaming and The Arts – John Allen (D-District 32)
  • Transportation and Independent Authorities – Barbara McCann Stamato (D-District 31)

Two municipalities in Hudson County are now part of the 29th Ledislative District.  They are East Newark and Harrison.  In the Assembly they are represented by Eliana Pintor Marin and Shanique Speight.

Once again Pintor Marin will be the Chairperson of the Budget Committee, while Speight Chairs the Aging and Human Services Committee.  Speight is also a Deputy Speaker.