Dance Majors at High Tech High School Choreograph Their Spring Showcase


Dance majors enrolled in the Hudson County Schools of Technology’s performance division at High Tech High School in Secaucus have dedicated months preparing for their Spring Showcase, the title of which is “Atlas: Find Your Way,” and that’s exactly what these talented students have been doing in perfecting their dance routines for this weekend’s performance.

According to Trista Defilippis, the head of the Dance Department’s performance division, many of the upperclass students have choreographed their first dance routines for this event, which has one, public performance remaining at 7 pm on Saturday, April 29th.

A total of 58 students, all but one being female, are enrolled in this year’s dance major.  Their showcase features a variety of dance types, everything from modern to Afro-Cuban.

The vocational education the students receive at the Hudson County Schools of Technology allows them, should they choose, to continue their formalized training and education when they enter college or go on to a professional career in their chosen fields.  Defilippis says many of the students do, in fact, continue their dance training after leaving the HCST.

Tickets for Saturday night’s performance cost $10.  They may be obtained by visiting the High Tech High School website.