Governor Murphy and Democratic Leaders Rally Behind Albio Sires’ Transformative Vision for West New York

In an electrifying display of political unity, Governor Phil Murphy, Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack, Essex County Democratic Party Chair Leroy Jones, Adam Parkinson have thrown their full support behind Albio Sires and his team in the West New York mayoral race. The governor’s endorsement, along with the backing of influential party leaders, signifies a resounding endorsement of Albio’s transformative vision for the town.

During a rain-soaked event, Governor Murphy took the stage to address a crowd brimming with excitement. He spoke passionately about his enduring friendship with Albio, spanning over two decades, and their shared commitment to serving the people of New Jersey. Highlighting Albio’s remarkable political journey as an assemblyman, mayor, and congressman, Governor Murphy emphasized that there is no leader more deserving or dedicated than Albio Sires.

Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack, a close ally of Albio, echoed the sentiments, touting Albio’s unwavering support for education, community development, and public safety. Mayor Stack commended Albio’s leadership abilities and described him as a true friend who stands ready to bring West New York to new heights.

Essex County Democratic Party Chair Leroy Jones energized the crowd with his rallying cry, emphasizing the importance of unity and the power of the electoral process. Jones reminded the audience of Albio’s distinguished track record and the positive impact he has had on West New York throughout the years. He called upon voters to make their voices heard, highlighting the critical role Albio and his team would play in continuing the town’s progress.

Adam Parkinson, another candidate on Albio’s ticket, shared his excitement and gratitude for Governor Murphy’s endorsement. Parkinson emphasized the team’s focus on effective communication, ensuring that the people of West New York understand their message and the transformative potential of Albio’s leadership.

With just days remaining until the election, Albio’s team is leaving no stone unturned. They are engaging with voters, highlighting their extensive experience, and emphasizing their dedication to initiatives such as building a new school and a modern library. Their vision also encompasses enhancing public safety measures and fostering an open and transparent city hall.

The outpouring of support from Governor Murphy, Mayor Stack and Chair Jones has invigorated Albio and his team. They are united in their commitment to securing victory on May 9 and working tirelessly to realize their vision for West New York.


  1. There is no other platform for me to express a narrative that should be chronicled. A couple of people involved with Albio Sire’s campaign have asked me why I have turned my back on Albio and not done more for his campaign. First of all I have not turned my back on Albio. It is true that I have been absent in his campaign. Why?

    Let me begin, Albio’s headquarters called me to see if I could get some photographs from the days we played basketball at St Peter’s College. Albio and I were teammates and roommates. I was able to produce two photographs. One has been used depicting Albio , myself, and Richard McPherson. The other hasn’t been used.

    I received a follow up call from a lady in his staff. I don’t recollect her name, it could have been Barbara, I do recollect she had a Polish last name. She conveyed to me that they expected me at s ceremony that was going to be held at Hudson County Community College for the purpose of naming tha atrium in his name. I was glad to go just as I have gone to all his name granting ceremonies.

    When I entered the college, I noticed there were at least 49 seats with names in them. My name was not in any of them. The seats were crowded but there was space in the front seats for my 6’10’m frame. There were 6 seats. The people there were short in stature. Some of the people there knew if my neuromuscular condition which dethroned my basketball career snd almost my career as an educator. No one in that front seat offered me their seat to live to empty seats with names in the rest aisles.

    I wanted to stay but after about 29 minutes my legs got numbed. I was looking for a place to hold onto or to sit and there were none. In the middle of a speech I had to yell to an acquaintance in the back. “Ino I am falling please come get me”. Ino ran towards me and dragged me to the exit.

    I sat down outside , and a few people went outside to check up on me, Albio Sires wasn’t one of them. I would have expected that after a 50 year relationship
    as a roommate, a teammate, a basketball competitor, that he should have at least taken a moment to check on me in a ceremony that I contributed for him and went to support him.

    Those lack of protocols truly upset me on a personal level. I don’t linger on it but if people are concerned about my indifference then let’s put an end to it nos.

    That was personal, not political. I have instructed family and friends to vote for Albio, as I will, in recognition of the outstanding job his administration did in West New York when he was the mayor and when West New York was at the nadir with multiple departments investigations by federal authorities. Albio’s administration with the mastermind Richard Turner did a hell of s job. They are still together.

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