East Newark Announces Sunday’s Snow Removal Schedule

East Newark residents should be aware that the municipality will begin removing snow from the town’s streets today, Sunday, January 30.  Here is a listing of the current schedule.  Make sure your cars have been moved.

Central Avenue – 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

North 2nd (entire street) – 12PM -3PM

Grant Avenue (entire street) – 3PM – 6PM

Sherman Avenue 6PM – 9PM

Valley & Veterans lots- 6PM – 9PM

 All other streets will be posted later.

 Times are subject to change.

Police will make announcements on a rolling basis.  Check the town’s social media for real time updates.

 You can move your vehicle back immediately after the street has been cleared.

Your continued cooperation will help DPW safely, efficiently, and quickly clear the streets.