ECPW Takes Over The North Bergen Rec Center


North Bergen residents were treated to an unforgettable evening of entertainment on Friday as the East Coast Professional Wrestling (ECPW) organization hosted a spectacular free event.  The event featured a star-studded lineup, with renowned wrestling icons gracing the ring. Among the notable attendees were John Tella, the reigning ECPW Heavyweight Champion, Trey Felipe, the ECPW Champion, and the legendary Mr. Tommy Dreamer, who captivated fans with his presence. 

The three-hour extravaganza kicked off with an exhilarating tag team match pitting Azrieal and Brolly against Rob Vegas and Mike Donovan. 

However, the highlight of the night undoubtedly belonged to the main event, which showcased an epic clash between John Tella and the revered Tommy Dreamer. Tella, a dominant force as the Heavyweight Champion, faced off against Dreamer, a fan-favorite and wrestling icon. 

Aimee Focaraccio, NB Cares Coordinator, expressed her delight at the event, highlighting its significance in bringing the community together. 

Local resident Jonathan Garcia, a devoted ECPW fan since 2017, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, particularly the appearance of Tommy Dreamer, who had been an idol during his formative years. 

The ECPW’s unforgettable showcase of talent, athleticism, and passion undoubtedly left North Bergen residents eagerly anticipating the organization’s next visit to their beloved community.