‘Eggs’ -traordinary Easter returns to North Bergen


Mayor Nicholas Sacco and Commissioner Hugo Cabrera welcomed the children of North Bergen to the Recreation Center for the first time since COVID upended the world.

“Everybody’s visiting and the rest of the flowers can go to my home,” says three-year-old Aria.

Easter in North Bergen is back and they had over 1,000 children come through the rec center.

According to the mayor, the township’s weakest program used to be Easter, but not anymore… kids and adults alike love this event.

“We give out these wonderful goodies, wonderful baskets — and there’s activities and entertainment, so it’s really a great program,” Nicholas Sacco says.

It was Krystal Espinosa’s first time attending a North Bergen event and she’s definitely amazed and impressed.

“It’s stunning, beautiful,” says the Lincoln Elementary school nurse. “So much for the kids — between the decorations, Easter Bunny, the rides.”

The Recreation Department did a great job and pulled out all the stops, Jimmy Avela and Ruthie shopped like there was no tomorrow and they even had to get creative.

“Now we got it down; they’ve been throwing these parties and every year try to up each other, so it’s a great thing,” Commissioner Hugo Cabrera says.

I heard it from everybody; North Bergen events are always a blast and expect the best.

“North Bergen, every event they do I feel like they go above and beyond,” says Hery Acosta. “They always take care of their residents. The kids have a great time; the parents do too. I got a bunny, so I’m happy.”

Isabella Acosta had fun petting the bunnies.

“Yes, that’s my favorite part,” eight-year-old Isabella says.

Dawn Gelpi brought her granddaughter Bayleigh to the event for the first time and they felt the love.

“Just her running around and seeing the bunny rabbit,” Gelpi says the 20-month-old has a brother they usually bring; now both children both love it. “All the events that North Bergen has for the kids.”

And the best part:

“Watching these kids smile, it’s one of the best things you could imagine,” says Cabrera.

On Easter, there was much happiness to go around.

“They do have a lot of fun and of course the chocolates — that’s one of my favorites,” the commissioner says.