Federal Investigators Join Probe Into December’s Chambord Fire In Hoboken

Photo Credit: youtube.com

During last night’s virtual Hoboken City Council meeting, newly appointed Council President Michael Russo, in response to a resident’s question concerning when business owners will be allowed to enter the heavily, fire damaged Chambord building on 38th Street to recover possessions, stated that federal investigators have now joined the investigation into the blaze.  No timeframe has been given as to when that may take place.

The century old factory style structure suffered heavy damage in the December 19-20 explosion and fire which claimed the lives of two artists.

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco is now part of the probe into the massive inferno.  The converted factory, a former My-T-Fine pudding company, houses many small businesses, artists’ studios, but no residential units.

Artists Rosemarie Vos, 60, and Alexander von Schlinke, 61, lost their lives in the fire.  Vos’ sister Barbara Stise is raising money on a GoFundMe page for the pair’s funeral.  She says they were together for 40 years.  Many of the other business owners from the building are also raising funds to help start the process of rebuilding their studios, but it is not known whether that will happen in the Chambord, which had been set for redevelopment prior to this tragedy.