For Second Straight Week, COVID Cases Rise In NJ With Hudson County 4th Highest

For the second consecutive week, the statistics tell it all.  The state of New Jersey is not out of the woods in terms of eliminating the coronavirus.  A year into this dreadful pandemic, and we are far from being free and clear.  The number of COVID cases rose for the second week in a row in counties across the Garden State.

As more and more residents get vaccinated in New Jersey, whether it be the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, people have to remain vigilant.  Continue to wear masks, maintain social distance and do not think, “well, I got vaccinated, I can do what I want.”  Not so.

The numbers don’t lie.  As Governor Phil Murphy continues to open up our state, slowly bringing it back to some semblance of normalcy, we all have to remain realistic. And smart.

Of New Jersey’s 21 counties, 17 added more cases of COVID-19 during the week of March 18-24 than the previous week.  There were 25.9 new cases per 10,000 residents than the previous week.  That’s a 6% jump.  That’s reality.  We are still in this pandemic.  Yes, we are much better off than we were 8 to 12 months ago, but by no means should anyone think this is over and decide they can do whatever they’d like.

As for Hudson County, it saw the fourth worst increase in the number of cases per 10,000 residents of the state’s 21 counties, at 31.4, trailing only Monmouth at 33.9, followed by Sussex and Warren Counties.

Bottom line…we all need to continue to use common sense.  Get vaccinated and be smart.



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    1. At age 76 with open heart surgery and cancer in my history and my wife 75 year old with copd I’d like to know HOW to get the vaccine? I signed both us with the state about 3-4 weeks ago and heard nothing, checked with local CVS Mt Olive NJ inquiring about getting on a waiting list and basically they had no clue. The government says they want everyone to get the vaccine but they don’t seem to make the procedure available.

      • Mr. Spears:

        I had trouble using state’s COVID site also. You live in Morris County. Check out the County’s official website. There is good info on it. You can register through that site for Morris Ciunty’s mega vaccination location in Rockaway. It also says you can register with your local Walmart for the vaccine. There is one in Hackettstown. It says to call the pharmacy directly.
        Hope this helps.

        Hudson TV


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