Former Hudson County GOP Chairman Endorses Joshua Sotomayor Einstein For Same Post

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, a New Jersey GOP State Committeeman who is seeking to wrestle the Hudson County Republican Party Chairmanship away from Jose Arango, has received the endorsement of the County’s former GOP Chairman Sean Connelly.  Sotomayor-Einstein issued the following press release earlier today:

Sean Connelly, former Hudson County Republican Party Chairman, Endorses Joshua Sotomayor Einstein for County GOP Chair

Hudson County, NJ – Sean Connelly, a former Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party, endorsed Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, the candidate for GOP County Chair running to unseat Jose Arango who has held the spot for over a decade on behalf of the Democrats he works for. Connelly stated, “Einstein has been the real Republican leader in our county, it’s time we retire Arango’s efforts working for Democrats and let Einstein build the county party.”

Connelly continued, “Einstein has been the most vocal advocate in our county for election honesty and integrity and commonsense conservative/liberty values; he has volunteered to help similarly minded groups get their message to the public; written numerous press releases and op-eds articulating our GOP perspective, and organized many Republican events engaging the public and spreading the Republican message. Contrast his efforts to grow the Republican Party with Arango’s efforts to help the Democrats he works for and there is no comparison, Einstein should be county GOP chairman.”

On the endorsement by Connelly, Sotomayor Einstein stated, “I am honored that Sean Connelly, who has been a well-known advocate for the people in Hudson County and has years of grassroots leadership experience in the GOP, is supporting the campaign to turn the Hudson County GOP from a do-nothing organization under Arango to an activist Republican movement.” Sotomayor Einstein continued, “it’s time for new leadership; together we can make the Hudson County Republican Party great again!”