West New York Residents Flock to Free Rabies Vaccination Event for Pets

West New York, NJ – The health and well-being of pets took center stage on Wednesday evening as residents of West New York gathered at the dog park at 56th Street and Boulevard East. The event, courtesy of Mayor Albio Sires and the Board of Commissioners, offered free rabies vaccinations for pets.

The West New York Health Department hosted this rabies vaccine opportunity, allowing residents to not only vaccinate their pets against rabies but also to register them through the health department.

The three-hour event started at 5:30 PM and was conducted by licensed veterinarians from the New Jersey Humane Society. While most animals were cooperative, a few were less than thrilled about the vaccination process. “Hey, I hate needles, too,” said one pet owner.

In addition to rabies vaccines, dog licensing was available for a minor fee. According to local and state laws, dogs are required to be licensed, whereas cats and emotional support animals are exempt.

The event was not limited to West New York residents; anyone in the state could participate. “We want to make sure that all of our residents are as safe as they can be,” said a representative from the health department.