Hoboken 6th Ward Candidate Ian Rintel Discusses Key Community Issues

Hoboken, NJ – In a recent interview with Hudson TV, Ian Rintel, a candidate for the 6th Ward Council seat in Hoboken, outlined his stance on various community issues. Rintel, who is one of three candidates running in the November 7 election, previously ran for an at-large seat two years ago.

Professional Background

Rintel is the owner of a family entertainment center named “Play Hoboken,” located just a block away from the 6th Ward. The facility offers a range of indoor recreational activities and was rebranded from its original focus on indoor golf.

Campaign Focus

Rintel expressed his belief that Hoboken could improve in various areas, criticizing the current city council for issues such as unfavorable lease terms and the loss of community amenities.

Rodent Issue

The rodent problem in the 6th Ward is a top concern for residents, according to Rentel. He suggested that the city council could have taken earlier action and should consider additional measures, such as covering all municipal trash cans.

Streeteries and Small Businesses

Rintel supports the concept of streeteries but calls for better design to facilitate cleanliness. He also questioned the city council’s recent actions concerning streeteries, suggesting some may need modification or removal.

Youth Activities and Education

The candidate emphasized the need for more youth activities and educational improvements in Hoboken. He noted the lack of city-run recreational programs for young children, including his own four-year-old daughter.

Development in Hoboken

Rintel does not view development as inherently negative but calls for thoughtful planning. He advocates for commercial spaces on the ground floor of new developments to enhance the pedestrian experience.

Further Information

For more details on Ian Rintel’s campaign, he can be reached at his website, Ianforhoboken.com, his YouTube channel, Ian for Hoboken, or his campaign hotline at (201) 479 2882.