GOP State Committeeman Sotomayor Einstein Debuts Hudson County Video in Support of President Trump

Hudson County, NJ – Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, NJ GOP State Committeeman and candidate for Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party, debuted a video in support of United States President Donald Trump. The video, viewable on YouTube and across the social media pages of the active Hudson County GOP groups, is composed of residents from across Hudson County stating the many commonsense reasons they support President Trump.

Jennifer Zinone, GOP candidate for NJ’s 10th Congressional District, which includes parts of Bayonne and Jersey City, said, “it’s important for Republicans to be out loud and proud of the many accomplishments of President Trump and the national GOP.” She continued, “seeing these grassroots volunteers, our friends and neighbors from all walks of life in Hudson County, organize to make this video, standing up to the cancel culture, and celebrating the achievements of President Trump, is an inspiration.”

Hudson County grassroots GOP leader and President of the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey, Herminio Mendoza said, “this is why we have organized – to advocate for Republican leadership and policies.” He continued, “other groups just sit and talk endlessly about getting active, but never do. The Hispanic Republicans, Hoboken Municipal GOP, Young Republicans, and State Committeeman Sotomayor Einstein are all about being active Republicans and getting the message out to the people.”

The video was organized by Sotomayor Einstein as part of an ongoing campaign of public engagement. The public engagement campaign recently included an open invitation to Hudson County Democrat Chairwoman Amy DeGise to debate, which Hudson County’s top Dem has failed to respond to.