Governor Murphy Expects Masks Will Be Required in NJ Schools Come September

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When classes begin in September in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy expects that masks will be required inside the state’s school buildings.  That’s what the Governor told MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday.

The Governor, however, didn’t specify which grade levels would likely be required to wear the masks since vaccines are now available for children aged 12 and above.  Since the Governor does not know at this time whether there will be a vaccine for those under the age of 12, he said, “My guess is, as a result of that, if I had to bet today, that we will have masking in schools in the fall as a result of that, and I would suspect we will continue with some of the public health protocols inside the classroom and inside the school buildings to try to mitigate the concern.  The concern is a legitimate one.”

The Governor announced earlier this week, that because the pandemic metrics have improved, the wearing of masks indoors will be lifted on Friday.  That means, that even if you have not been vaccinated, you will no longer be required to wear a face covering inside.  The outdoor mask order has also been removed.

So, as of Friday in New Jersey, you will be allowed to enter restaurants, stores or other types of indoor facilities without being required to wear masks.  However, a business owner can still require you to maintain a 6-foot, social distancing requirement if they choose, even though that is also being lifted statewide both indoors and outdoors.

It is expected that next year’s guidance for New Jersey schools will be released sometime in June.

Bottom line…just continue to use common sense.