Governor Murphy Extends Driver’s License Renewals

With New Jersey motor vehicle agencies experiencing massive lines and excessive delays upon their reopening this week, Governor Phil Murphy on Friday announced the extension of deadlines for driver’s licenses and other Motor Vehicle Commission services.  The move is intended to ease the crunch at the MVC locations throughout the state, giving drivers some peace of mind that they do not need to rush to renew immediately.

The in-person services had been closed months ago amid the coronavirus pandemic, and while many services are available on line, the rush to renew in-person upon the reopening of MVC locations on Monday led to long lines and frustration for drivers who found themselves standing outside offices for hours in excessive heat.

So, what did the Governor do yesterday?  Well, he extended the renewal deadlines for driver’s licenses, including permits.  Also extended were registrations, standard non-driver IDs, the inspection stickers on your car and temporary tags.  Specifically, if your documents were due to expire between March 13 and May 31, you now have until September 30 to renew them.

If your document was scheduled to run out between June 1 and August 31, you now have until December 31 to renew them.  In addition, Murphy announced that he has exempted MVC agency workers from being furloughed.   The Governor says this will ensure that the MVC is not understaffed.

The Governor had earlier extended the deadline for commercial driver’s licenses until September 30.

If your particular transaction can be done online, MVC Commissioner Sue Fulton says you must do it online.  This will further reduce delays in getting your business completed.  Just check out before heading to the Motor Vehicle Agency.



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