Governor Murphy & Family Verbally Abused While Eating Dinner at Restaurant

A 36-second video of Governor Phil Murphy and his family being heckled while eating dinner, reportedly at an Asbury Park restaurant on Saturday night, has gone viral.  The foul mouthed video features two women cussing the Governor and his family while they were dining outdoors.

The video hit social media on Sunday night and it is laced with cuss words.  At one point a woman says, “Oh, my god, Murphy, you are such a d**k.”  The women never appear in the video, which apparently was shot with a phone.

The Governor and his family were not wearing masks, but his Executive Order permits outdoor dining without having to wear a mask.  The Murphy’s remained calm during the confrontation and continued to dine as the two unidentified women continued their rant.

As the video ends you can see First Lady Tammy Murphy filming the women with her own phone.  At this point you see the Governor wearing his mask.