Guttenberg Blood Drive Tests For Antibodies To Combat COVID

On Thursday May 6th, the township of Guttenberg would hold a blood drive at the town Resource Center located within the Galaxy Mall. Anyone kind enough to donate blood, will then have it tested for the antibodies capable of combating COVID-19. This blood will then be used for patients that are fighting this virus. The donation guidelines are quite simple, and must be as followed.. Each donor must weigh at least 110 pounds, must eat a meal before any donation, and should drink plenty of water before and after the donation is conducted. All donations are scheduled by appointment only, and an ID is also required. All proper protocols were followed in terms of COVID-19, as touched on by Town Administrator Cosmo Cirillo.
For anyone willing or perhaps even thinking of donating some blood, keep in mind the importance of what you could be doing. There are many patients struggling in the fight against this pandemic, a simple donation can mean more than one can imagine..