Photo Credit: Guttenberg School District

Guttenberg Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michelle Rosenberg, has announced that beginning on Wednesday, April 28, and continuing through Wednesday, June 2, the Anna L. Klein School will begin asynchronous, or remote only, Wednesdays.

On those days students will not go into the school building.  Teachers will not be providing direct instruction.  However, they will provide mandatory work for their students to complete at home.

In a letter to parents and guardians, Superintendent Rosenberg stated, “In addition, this time will be allotted to allow students to catch up on any missed assignments.  Your children do not have to log into their classes on these Wednesdays.  Furthermore, your child’s teacher will schedule 1:1 virtual meeting with each of their students.  Your child will be required to attend this virtual meeting with their teacher.  This meeting will be counted as a test grade.  Failure to attend this virtual meeting meeting, will result in a failing test grade.  The purpose of this 1:1 meeting is to provide your child individualized instruction in any subject area that they may need assistance.”

Due to the pandemic, the state has determined that it will not be administering the NJSLA (New Jersey Student Learning Assessment).  However districts, including Guttenberg, are required to administer both the ACCESS for ELLs test for English language learners and the DLM assessment for certain special education students.

Asynchronous Wednesdays will also be provide time to finish these assessments.  If a student is required to take these assessments, parents will receive a phone call with a date and time for the child’s test.  The tests will be given in the Klein school building, so it is mandatory the student show up at his or her assigned time.