Guttenberg’s Halloween Haunted House & `Trunk or Treat’ Event

On Saturday, Mayor Wayne Zitt and the Town of Guttenberg, held their annual Haunted House and `Truck or Treat’ event at the Gerald Drasheff Community Center on Hudson Avenue. Treats and food were available inside, with spooky decorations all around the gym, and creepily decorated cars outside. All children were able to take home a pumpkin of their choosing. All proper precautions were in place when it came to COVID-19, as limited groups of people were taken in at a time. With the fear of rain, Mayor Zitt took no chances, holding the event indoors. Once again, Guttenberg went all out this year for Halloween, the event ran from 1-3 pm with everyone invited! From finding snacks in spooky cars, to taking pumpkins home, it was a great day of Holiday celebration for the town.