HCDO Chair Amy DeGise Supports Sen. Menendez’s Open Presidential Primary Idea

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey) is calling for an open, New Jersey Presidential Primary, and he is asking the Democratic County Chairs in the Garden State not to simply award organization lines for candidates for the Presidency.  NewJerseyGlobe.com was the first to report the Senator’s idea.

Menendez thus becomes the first leader of a major party to endorse the concept in the race for the White House, and Hudson County Democratic Organization Chairwoman Amy DeGise is all in favor of his idea.

DeGise issued the following statement on the HCDO’s behalf:

“The HCDO is committed to fully supporting the eventual Democratic nominee and we are hopeful that we will be able to work with all remaining candidates to engage Democratic voters in this primary. We believe that Senator Menendez’s proposal to maintain an open primary will best allow us to meet these goals, and we hope every presidential campaign will agree to these terms. Doing so will help ensure that no matter which candidate any particular Democratic voter prefers, we will be able to come together in the end to defeat President Trump.”

Under the Senator’s proposal, Presidential candidates and their delegate slates would be listed on a separate line or in a separate column in the June 2nd, Democratic Primary in New Jersey.   All the other organization lines around the state would exist apart from President.

Senator Menendez issued a statement saying candidates for local, county and federal office “must be independently focused on addressing the unique needs of their constituents, instead of beholden to any national campaign.”


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