HCDO Endorses Rep. Menendez For Re-Election, Fulop NOT On Board

Freshman Congressman Rob Menendez (D – District 8) received the endorsement of the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) on Friday, with all but three of Hudson County’s mayors on board.  County Executive-elect Craig Guy is backing Rep. Menendez, but Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who has the support of the HCDO in his bid to become Governor in 2025, is not supporting the Congressman.

In a statement released by Fulop on Monday, he made it very clear that the legal troubles faced by the Congressman’s father, United States Senator Bob Menendez, led to his decision not to support the younger Menendez for re-election.

Photo Courtesy City of Jersey City

Fulop’s tweet reads: “My statement on Menendez: Late last week, the Hudson County Democratic Organization issued a statement that they would support Congressman Rob Menendez for another term in office.  I respect the position of the mayors in Hudson County and we have a close relationship but I have a different view here. I’m not on board with supporting Rob Menendez for another term in Congress. It’s time to move on. When the Senator first got indicted, I thought maybe I could separate the father and son, and I even expressed that to Rob. As time went on, I realized it is impossible to do that and the situations are tied together. It’s not a secret that Rob got to Congress only because of his dad’s influence, so it’s fair to move on from Rob now because of that same influence. It is also clear that the Senator continues to say he will still run for reelection despite the embarrassment for our state, the Senator still threatens people privately and publicly, and the congressman has not separated himself from any of it. I understand it’s his dad, but it’s unreasonable to be linked together because of family only when it helps.”

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has not endorsed Rep. Menendez either, as he is expected to run for Congress against him in next June’s Democratic Primary.

In Friday’s HCDO endorsement, Chairman Anthony Vainieri stated, “Congressman Rob Menendez has made a major positive impact on Hudson County in his first term and the Hudson County Democratic Organization is proud to stand with him and offer him our endorsement in 2024.  From delivering millions of dollars in grant funding for key priorities like our infrastructure and law enforcement, to helping thousands of constituents navigate the federal government bureaucracy, to always standing up for our Democratic values, Congressman Menendez is a strong representative for Hudson County and someone we can count on to deliver for our residents.”

Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli, whose municipality is not part of the 8th Congressional District, did say on Monday he was endorsing Rep. Menendez.

Senator Bob Menendez faces federal bribery charges after being indicted several months ago.