Hoboken Announces Plans for World-Class Park at Former Union Dry Dock Site

HOBOKEN, NJ – Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s State of the City address has received positive reactions from Council President Emily Jabbour, Councilmembers Phil Cohen, and Joe Quintero.

Council President Jabbour praised the Mayor’s efforts to upgrade Hoboken’s waterfront, including the planned world-class park at the former Union Dry Dock site and the upcoming Northwest Resiliency Park. She also highlighted the Mayor’s focus on recreation programming and the recruitment of social work professionals to address community challenges.

“I am also proud to see the Mayor’s renewed emphasis on recreation programming, as more and more families are remaining in Hoboken for the long-term, as well as the recruitment of social work professionals so that our Office of Constituent Services can better address challenges in our community,” Jabbour said.

Councilmember Cohen expressed excitement for the long-awaited opening of the Northwest Resiliency Park and the other infrastructure improvements planned for the 5th Ward.

“This year is an exciting one for the 5th Ward. I have worked hard on bringing the Northwest Resiliency Park online. As Mayor Bhalla’s State of the City priorities reflect, 2023 is the year our long-awaited vision Resiliency Park will open!” Cohen said.

Councilmember Quintero praised the Mayor’s long-term planning approach, which includes flood mitigation, infrastructure improvements, and the reconstitution of the Office of Constituent Services to deliver resources to residents more efficiently.

“One of the reasons I’m so proud to partner with this administration is the Mayor’s consistent approach of thinking and planning for the long term,” Quintero said.

The councilmembers expressed their eagerness to continue working with the Mayor to deliver positive results for the residents of Hoboken. The upgrades planned for the city are expected to improve the quality of life for residents for years to come.