Hoboken Business Alliance Announces August Schedule for Summer Streets

(Hoboken, NJ) August 5, 2020 – The Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA) and City of Hoboken announced today new times and locations for Summer Streets presented by HBA for the month of August and its partnership to bring Slow Streets program to Hoboken’s business districts. The programs will have both uptown and downtown locations every week. In addition to Parklets and strEATERIES for outdoor dining, Summer Streets provides Hoboken businesses in the designated areas the opportunity to further expand their space into the streets and allow for more physical distancing.

Summer Streets is a curated HBA program designed in partnership with the City of Hoboken to attract and engage residents and visitors to safely shop, dine, and enjoy the Mile Square. For each event, tables are set up throughout the street where local restaurants can take orders and serve guests, and many shops will have items on display outside available for purchase. Slow Streets has been an ongoing program of the City of Hoboken to help facilitate more public space for residents to safely jog, walk and bike while maintaining area parking and local traffic at 5 mph. In bringing Slow Streets to the City’s commercial areas, the HBA will work with adjacent businesses to encourage them to apply for a strEATERY or Parklet permit and enjoy the benefit of additional customers from pedestrian and bike traffic.

The following programs will take place every Thursday and Friday evening in August, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.:

  • ●  Summer Streets Downtown by Hoboken Terminal on Newark Street from River Street to Hudson Street, Hudson Place from Hudson Street to River Street, and both River Street and Hudson Street from Hudson Place to Newark Street; Hudson Street will be open to traffic but no parking will be permitted
  • ●  Summer Streets Uptown 14th Street from Bloomfield Street to Hudson Street; open to pedestrians only
  • ●  Slow Streets Uptown Washington Street from 11th Street to 15th Street; parking and deliveries will be permitted on Washington Street with local traffic at 5 MPH

    New, on Saturdays and Sundays in August, the HBA will work with businesses to expand their outdoor capacity during each of the City’s scheduled programs and street closures:

  • ●  Slow Streets Downtown Washington Street from 1st Street to 7th Street from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.; parking and deliveries will be permitted on Washington Street with local traffic at 5 MPH
  • ●  Downtown 1st Street from Washington Street to Garden Street will be open to pedestrians only from noon to 10 p.m., no parking will be permitted
  • ●  Downtown Waterfront on Sinatra Drive from Newark Street to 4th Street will be open to pedestrians only all day (weekdays will be closed to traffic and parking other than local deliveries at all times through October).

All attendees are instructed to adhere to social distancing and mask guidelines to stay safe, as well as call ahead for a reservation at any of the local establishments or restaurants, if possible, to avoid overcrowding.

The Summer Streets schedule is subject to change. For more information and the most up-to- date calendar of events, go to www.hobokenalliance.com or follow Hoboken Business Alliance on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


About Hoboken Business Alliance

The Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA), a Special Improvement District created by the Office of the Mayor and City Council, is committed to supporting the local Hoboken community. The HBA was formed to improve the district’s area and stimulate business in Hoboken. The HBA is here to ensure a safe, accessible, and prosperous business district that attracts residents and visitors to shop, eat, play, and stay in Hoboken. Visit www.hobokenalliance.com for more information.


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