Hoboken Emergency Snow Routes End at 7:30 pm Tonight, Discounted Garage Parking Extended to 7:30 am Thursday

Snow Removal Operations Continue

The Department of Environmental Services continues to conduct snow removal operations throughout the City. Priority will be given to clearing snow from emergency snow routes, parks and other public spaces, as well as crosswalks, school drop off zones and certain routes to schools.

Emergency Snow Routes No Longer In Effect As Of 7:30 pm Tonight

As of 7:30 pm Wednesday, emergency snow routes will no longer be in effect. Parking will be permitted on the following routes:

  • Washington Street (Both Sides)
  • Observer Highway – (Both Sides) Henderson St to Hudson St
  • Willow Avenue West Side – Observer Hwy to 11th St
  • 3rd Street – North Side – Jackson St to River St
  • 4th Street – South Side – River St to Jackson St
  • 5th Street- South Side – Clinton St to River St
  • 9th Street – North Side – Jackson St to Castle Point Terrace
  • 13th Street – North Side – Washington St to Madison St
  • 13th Street – South Side – Washington St to Hudson St

Discounted Garage Parking Extended Through 7:30 am Thursday

To assist residents with parking during the overnight hour due to reduced parking spots from the snowstorm, discounted parking in Garages B (28 2nd Street) and D (215 Hudson Street) is now extended (for residents currently parked in the garages with valid Resident On-Street Parking Permit or Temporary Parking Permits, as well as for those residents with disabilities currently parked in the Midtown Garage) through 7:30 am Thursday, February 4. Residents currently parked in the garages and remaining between 4 pm Wednesday and 7:30 am Thursday will be charged an additional $5. At the request of the Hoboken Public School District, the City has reserved parking in Garages B and D and the Midtown Garage beginning at 8:00 am on Thursday for teachers resuming in-person learning.

Regular rates will apply at all other times outside of 4 pm Sunday through 7:30 am Thursday.

Residents who have a valid Resident On-Street Parking Permit or Temporary Parking Permit are reminded that overnight parking (6pm to 8am) is available at a rate of $5.00 in Garages B, D and Midtown every day of the year, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Property owners responsible for snow removal from sidewalks, curb cuts and corners

Property owners/occupants are responsible from removing snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property. Snow should also be cleared along adjacent wheelchair ramps, curb cuts, and corners, and is the responsibility of the property owner.

It is illegal to shovel snow back onto streets or onto fire hydrants. The City performs proactive inspections and also relies on citizen complaints to help identify those property owners that are not meeting sidewalk safety requirements. The vast majority of property owners comply with these regulations, but the City will issue fines to those who do not keep sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, and curb cuts clear.

Residents are urged to assist elderly or disabled neighbors with clearing snow from their properties.

Please clear fire hydrants and sewers

Property owners are asked to please clear snow from fire hydrants so the Hoboken Fire Department has clear access in case of an emergency. Property owners are asked to also please clear sewer drains to allow melted snow to property drain and prevent the pooling of water.

Reporting unshoveled sidewalks

To report an unplowed street, unshoveled sidewalk, or other problem, residents can submit an online complaint via https://www.hobokennj.gov/311. The 311 mobile app may not be working for some users, who should report unshoveled sidewalks via the online link above.

Street cleaning suspended remainder of the week

Street cleaning is now suspended for rest of the week and is scheduled to resume on Monday, February 8. All other parking rules and regulations, including meters remain in effect to help facilitate snow removal from business districts.