Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla Will Vote YES on the January 25 High School Referendum Question

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced on social media he will be supporting the Hoboken High School ballot referendum question on January 25 for a proposed, new school building.

The Mayor tweeted,

Ravinder S. Bhalla
I’m glad to share I’ll be voting in favor of the Board of Education’s proposal to build a new Hoboken High School on Jan. 25; I am confident this investment will serve all of Hoboken for generations to come & lead to a brighter future for our children.
1/13/22, 2:26 PM


The Board of Education’s $240 million + proposal has drawn much debate during recently held public forums on the project.  Many people have come out in support of the project, while others, saying there is definitely a need for a new high school, look at the current design and feel it is bloated with too many “unnecessary” items.

The January 25 vote will certainly draw many Hoboken residents to the polls, and that’s something which usually does not happen in an off year election.

Stay tuned.