Hoboken Police Advise Public on Package Theft Prevention

The Hoboken Police Department is advising residents to be aware of package thieves.  In a press release issued this morning, the Department outlines guidelines to follow to help prevent your packages from being stolen.

“Package Theft Prevention Tips”

Package theft continues to be a common crime in Hoboken, especially now with the current pandemic. With people working from home and/or self-quarantining, more and more people are having packages delivered to them. There are a number of delivery options that are available to our residents or security upgrades that can reduce the number of packages stolen. Here are some of your options:

If you are Home or Not:

Ask for a tracking number. This number allows you to track your packages and notifies you when they will be delivered.

Request a “Signature Delivery Option” so your package is not left unattended at the front door or lobby.

Request a specific drop off time and date when you will be home to accept your packages.

Ship your package to a location where they can be received in person, such as a relative or neighbor. If it is an option, ship it to your neighborhood retail store or work.

Arrange to have your package held at a pick-up facility until you can retrieve it.

If there are no other options, provide specific instructions about where the package should be left on the property. Choose a location that conceals the item, so it cannot be seen by people walking or driving by.

Do not have packages delivered while you are going on vacation. Place deliveries on hold until you return from your trip.

Download the App. Major delivery companies have Apps that will help you with many of the options listed above. Some of these Apps will also alert you of any packages being sent to you by a relative or friend.

Security upgrades:

Package thieves like to go window shopping. Designate an area in your lobby that is out of view from the outside or consider frosting the windows to your main entrance.

Consider a latch guard for you door. This makes it difficult to pry a door open. And ensure that all security measures that are available on your door are being used.

Doorbell cameras or surveillance cameras in your lobby are a great deterrent as well. They aren’t only a deterrent, but they can provide video evidence of a crime that can help police in their investigations as well.

A well-lighted front entrance and lobby area. Many package thefts are occurring during the overnight hours.   

Finale Tip:

Retrieve your package right away. Do not allow packages to pile up. The longer you leave it unattended; the higher the chance the package will be stolen.

Try Teaming up with a trustful neighbor to pick up each other’s packages.

Be alert and report all crime and suspicious activity. If you are a victim of a package theft, report it right away.

Emergency call 9-1-1

Hoboken Police Department



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