After spending 6 months training at the Bergen County Police Academy, 5 recruits were sworn in on Tuesday to the Hoboken Police Department.

The five new officers will bring the Hoboken Police Department closer to filling its table of organization, which is currently 146 officers. The Department currently has only 13 vacancies.   It is actively recruiting, interviewing, and conducting background checks on candidates to close that gap even further.

              A recent ordinance passed by the Hoboken City Council to remove a long-standing residency requirement has assisted the Department in efforts to fully staff the department.

                             Congratulations to all five of the new officers for successfully completing the grueling, six months of training at the Bergen County Police Academy…Nasir Willey, Frank Losurdo, Jayden Gonzalez, Alexander Miller, and 4’5″ Shyenna Vega, who may be small in stature, being the shortest recruit ever to graduate from the Bergen Police Academy, but is large in heart and ability.

Several of the new officers are continuing a tradition of law enforcement in their families.

If you are interested in becoming a Hoboken Police Officer, you can learn more at: