Photos & Video Courtesy of Hoboken Police Department.

The Hoboken Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying seven individuals who are persons of interest in a recent carjacking incident.  The incident took place on January 15, 2024.  Police have released the following video:

Police say the incident took place at approximately 11:36 pm on the 600 block of Sinatra Drive.  Three people in ski masks approached a victim and pulled him out of his car demanding he give them his cell phone. According to a press release from the Hoboken Police Department, “The victim reported one individual produced a gun and hit him in the head with it, and another threatened him with a large combat style knife.”
Police say the assailants took the cell phone and drove off in the victim’s vehicle.  The victim told police there were personal items inside the vehicle.  Those items included power tools and recording equipment, valued at an estimated $2,300.
The victim was treated at the scene for head injuries, but he refused further medical attention.
The stolen cell phone was recovered later that night in Hoboken, while the recording equipment turned up in Jersey City and the stolen 2008 Honda Accord wasrecovered in the Bronx a few days later.
An investigation by the Hoboken Police has revealed that four other people were involved in this crime.
Anyone who can identify the individuals in the above video link provided by the Hoboken Police Department, or in the photos, is asked to contact Detective Bret Globke at or Sgt. William Collins at