Hoboken Police To Hold “Shut Off Your Engine” Campaign

Sometime next week the Hoboken Police Department will be kicking off its “Shut Off Your Engine” campaign. This campaign is designed to help educate the community on the hazards of leaving running vehicles unattended.

The Police Department is doing this because:

There has been a substantial spike in stolen vehicles across the Tri-State area.  Operators are leaving vehicles running with their keys or key fobs (for push to start vehicles) left in the vehicle’s ignition or console.  On many occasions, the operator is in possession of the key fob while away from their vehicle, mistakenly believing the vehicle will not operate without it. The “Shut Off Your Engines” campaign is focused on educating residents, visitors, and local businesses about the increased number of motor vehicle thefts due to vehicle engines being left running. The campaign is also devised to reduce the chance of the victim’s stolen vehicle from being used in the commission of another crime.

Officers will raise awareness by going door-to-door to local businesses such as food delivery services, restaurants, liquor stores, as well as supermarkets. Business owners will be contacted and encouraged to participate in educating their delivery services and the general public to shut off their vehicle’s engine, remove their keys from their vehicle, and lock their car doors. Hoboken Police officers will also hand out flyers to the general public throughout the City.

All motorists should be made aware that leaving a vehicle unattended with the engine running is prohibited in the State of New Jersey and carries a penalty of $30 in the City of Hoboken. In accordance with the Air Pollution Control Act of 1954, it is also unlawful to leave an unattended motorized vehicle running idle for three minutes or more and drivers who do so could receive a penalty of $250.




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