Hoboken Reseeding Several City Parks & Upgrading Dog Run At Elysian Park

The City of Hoboken is implementing an organic lawn care program at Church Square Park and Elysian Park, in partnership with the Friends of Elysian Park and Friends of Church Square Park. The focus is on improving lawns by building soil health and increasing coverage of resilient grass species. Newly seeded lawn areas at Church Square Park, Elysian Park, and 7th & Jackson Park will remain fenced off for several weeks while the seed mix germinates and new grass begins to grow. Please obey park signage to stay out of newly seeded lawn areas.

Meanwhile, the dog run at Elysian Park will be rehabilitated beginning this week. Improvements include excavation of the existing surface, installation of efficient drainage, masonry rehabilitation of the fountain, and installation of synthetic K9 turf with Envirofill.

The dog run will be closed starting on Wednesday, May 19 for approximately 2 weeks.