HTHS Senior Earns $180,000 NROTC Scholarship

A tremendous honor for a local high school student from Kearny.  The Hudson County Schools of Technology is beaming with pride, as 17-year old senior Mikael Fernandez of High Tech High School has won a $180,000, Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship, which will pay for his college expenses at whichever school he attends that accepts the Naval scholarship.

Following college, Mikael will he trained as a Naval officer.  His goal is to be a U.S. Navy pilot.  The NROTC is an extremely competitive scholarship, with approximately $1.8-million available this year.  Mikael ranked in the top third of all student applicants from New Jersey, and he was in the top 10-percent of students applying within the scholarship’s northeastern territory which stretches from Maine to Virginia and as far was as Pittsburgh.

            Mikael’s parents Michael and Josie say there is no history of military service in their immediate family, and they are extremely proud of their son for taking on the application process, doing the research involved on his own with just a bit of assistance from Capt. Kevin Kayser of the United States Marine Corps.

Mikael has yet to decide which college he will attend.  Whichever school he selects will be getting a well-rounded, standout student.

For further information on the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship, go to @JerseyMarines on Instagram, or call (732) 547-1127.