Hudson Commissioners Authorize Study of County Truck Routes

Hudson County Board of Commissioners Authorize Application For $320,000 To Create a Hudson County Truck Routes Assessment

Hudson County– The Hudson County Board of Commissioners have authorized the application and acceptance of $320,000, if awarded, from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority to create a Hudson County Truck Routes Assessment.

The County, through the Division of Planning, will hire a professional transportation planning and engineering consultation firm to conduct a study that will examine the movement of freight and deliveries by trucks throughout Hudson County.  They will develop recommendations for infrastructure and efficiency upgrades, as well as mitigation measures to address health and safety concerns.

The study will develop an understanding of existing conditions and the contributions of the trucking industry to Hudson County’s economy, the livelihood of county residents, including the volume, type, value of goods, products moved and delivered.  They will also collect data on traffic volumes, congestion, average speed, and travel times which will be used to analyze and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. They will make recommendations for truck route regulations and use of local roadways for through travels, deliveries, weight restrictions and enforcement responsibilities.

Board Chairman Anthony Vainieri and the Hudson County Board of Commissioners are providing the necessary resources needed to conduct a study that examines the movement of freight, the deliveries of product, the impact to the infrastructure of local roadways, and its effect on the County residents.