On Sunday night at approximately 10:09 pm, Hoboken Police arrested 22-year old, Jared Mullin of Jackson, New Jersey for aggravated assault.

According to Detective Lieutenant Danilo Cabrera, police were approached in the area of 70 Hudson Street by an individual saying there was an injured person lying on the ground near River Street and Hudson Place.  When police arrived at that location, they found the injured person standing in the street.  Det. Lt. Cabrera says, “he appeared dazed, unsteady on his feet, and had a large contusion on his forehead.”

The officer on the scene learned the victim had been knocked out.  A search of the area began, as numerous officers joined in the search for the attacker.  They spoke with numerous witnesses and ultimately arrested a person later identified as Mullin.

Mullin, who had visible injuries, was taken to police headquarters and then transported to Hoboken University Medical Center for treatment.  While at the hospital, Mullin attempted to escape while being treated.

Police were able to regain control of him and keep him under surveillance.

Mullin has been charged with aggravated assault, obstruction of administration of law, escape and aggravated assault on a police officer.  The charges were place on a warrant and Mullin was taken to the Hudson County Correctional Center in Kearny.