A New York Times article says that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and her staff are up in arms over a Vogue Magazine cover photo of the incoming Vice President, calling it “disrespectful.”  The photo for the February magazine cover shows Harris wearing a pants suit, her trademark.  It also has her in sneakers, and that’s what has Harris and her team outraged at the editorial team of the high-fashion magazine.

Maybe they don’t like the lighting as well.

They feel the Vice President-elect should be portrayed in a more professional, formal light, not looking so casual.  Seriously, is this what our world has come to?  With all due respect to the Vice President-elect, you are about to become the second most important person in the United States, one step away from the most powerful job on the planet.  And this is your concern?  Really?

You are a public figure.  You have been a public figure.  You are still a United States Senator.  You were a state Attorney General…and a District Attorney.  You have been in the public eye for years.  With all the things wrong in our country and in the world; things that REALLY need attention moving forward, you are upset by a magazine photo you and your staff think is “disrespectful?”  Seriously?

If you think a privately-owned magazine shouldn’t be portraying you that way, why did you have the photo taken?  You didn’t think it would be used SOMEWHERE?  Maybe you shouldn’t have been wearing Converse.  Big advertisement for them, though. Again….public figure!!!

Maybe, just maybe, the magazine wants to portray you as someone who is one of the people.  That you understand the “everyday” person’s circumstances.  Their needs.  Their struggles.  Not an elitist.

Whether the VP-elect was “blindsided” as some media outlets are hinting, you chose what to wear.  Obviously you must have worn other outfits without sneakers that were “more professional.”  If there was an agreement on another cover photo, well, was that in writing or just verbalized?

Bottom line, is this really worth making such a “stink” over?   Is President-elect Joe Biden upset by this?

Let’s worry about what’s important to our country.  There certainly is enough of that to fill the incoming Administration’s plate.