Jersey City Council at Large Candidate Dominici Asks Voters to Vote For Him As an Independent Voice

Article: Independent public servant

By Elvin Dominici

The Jersey City Municipal Election is quickly approaching. Voters have important decisions to make at the ballot that will have a monumental impact on the opportunities for all residents in our city, especially those that have been looked over and ignored for so long.

As you enter the voting booth, I urge you to consider me, Elvin Dominici, as your next Jersey City Councilperson-at-Large. You deserve independent leadership at the municipal level that will be accountable to you and all the communities that I serve. I am someone who has had to endure challenges throughout my life while having roadblocks and barriers thrown in my way. This is like what so many residents have dealt with from our city government, especially during the challenging times over the past 19 months.

While on the campaign trail, I have heard countless stories of grief, trauma, loss; however, I have also heard stories of perseverance, getting up when life kicks you down, and building stronger communities for our children and future generations. This is the Jersey City that I know and love, along with all the residents living here. It reminds me of my life growing up and the struggles my mother made to give us better opportunities.

My mother left my country, the Dominican Republic, when I was only nine years old. She came to the United States looking for a better life for her entire family. I did not have the best father figure in my life and many of my peers were caught up in crimes or drug activity. She did not want that life for me and did everything to get me to a better environment. It took me eight long years to finally reunite with my mother in Jersey City and I thank her every day for her decisions to make this possible.

When I arrived in Jersey City in the year 2000, I had to scratch and claw my way to make ends meet and support my family. I was grateful for the people around me who supported me and believed in my ability to work hard and do the right thing. As any human, I am not perfect, and I continued to experience roadblocks, but it made me who I am today. I was 22 years old when my girlfriend became pregnant with my first son. Barely able to speak the language, I knew that the $7.00 per hour job at UPS was not going to help me support my family. I struggled through a few ESL classes at Hudson County Community College but eventually embraced the challenge and learned the new language.

This city and the resources I was able to find thanks to some amazing people helped me get a professional education to make sure my child had a better future. Because of this, I decided to complete all my education in Jersey City. From my Associates Degree in Business Management from HCCC, to my bachelor’s degree in Finance from NJCU, to my MBA in Finance and MS in Accounting from St. Peter’s University.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be your local representative on the Jersey City Council. This campaign gave me the opportunity to speak with fellow residents about the real issues impacting their daily lives. I have learned about the need for true affordable/low-income housing, public safety to reduce violence and help our communities heal from generations of trauma, and the need to have our public schools completely funded. These issues must be addressed with determination, hard work, dedication, and passion.

There is no one more suitable to be your councilperson-at-large than me because you, the people of Jersey City, taught me to work hard, be passionate, and dedicate myself to my city. Because of this, I will forever be grateful and will only be loyal to the residents of this great city. I will fight for the working families, ensure the long-life residents of our city can stay here, and ensure that I represent all communities in our city.

Honestly, I already feel like a winner because I have had the opportunity to meet so many of my fellow residents and say thank you personally for making me who I am today. Your energy has helped me during the public debates where I have defended your interests and the interests of the hard-working families in our city. You educated me on the track records of some council members who have neglected you for eight years by not resolving issue with gun violence and public safety, not working with the board of education to ensure a better future to our children by having a completely funded budget and attempting to push so many of you out of this city by making it unaffordable.

On November 2, 2021, make sure to vote 7B for Elvin Dominici as your next councilperson-at-large. Vote for me, a person made by the people of Jersey City. Vote for me, the public servant that will be committed to your interests. Vote for me, the person who will bring back accountability, accessibility, and affordability to Jersey City.