Jersey City Council Introduces Ordinance to “Clean Up” Port-a-Johns

We all know how “nasty,” dirty and gross portable, public toilets can be.  Nobody wants to use them.  But sometime you just don’t have a choice.  Well, the Jersey City Council has introduced an ordinance to make that experience a little, less unpleasant.

Last Wednesday, the Council put forth a proposed city law that would require maintenance and cleaning rules for port-a-johns.  The proposal would mandate, yes, mandate, that portable, public toilets been cleaned at least once a week.

This would include the removal of waste from the units, sanitizing and deodorizing the port-a-john’s interior, plus restocking the unit with hand soaps and sanitizer and towels on a routine basis.

Now, while many people may find these steps helpful, but still not enough to warrant them to “go,” they are certainly a move in the right direction on the Council’s part.

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, Council President Joyce Watterman believes portable, public toilets should not be available in city parks at the present time, and who can blame her?  She says once coronavirus restrictions are lifted, whenever that is, she wants to ensure that the owners and operators of port-a-johns are responsible for keeping them clean on a regular basis.

Part of the proposed ordinance also says the name of the unit’s owner, the address and telephone number be listed on the door, plus the last time the toilet was cleaned.

A second readings of the ordinance is set for October 17.