Jersey City Man Assaults Female Pharmacy Employee in Bayonne

A 41-year old, Jersey City man has been arrested by Bayonne Police after assaulting a female pharmacy employee on Friday afternoon.  According to Bayonne Captain Eric Amato, Mikal Y. Bell of Stegman Street in Jersey City was taken into custody at 3:12 pm from CVS, located at 18 Goldsborough Drive, after he assaulted the worker.

 According to the female employee, after observing Bell place several items into a thermal cooler bag and attempting to leave the store, she confronted him which resulted in Bell pushing and shoving her in an attempt to avoid being detained.  A customer observed the altercation and assisted the employee, holding Bell on the ground until police arrived.

The merchandise, totaling $730.42, was recovered and returned to the store.  The thermal cooler bag Bell had used was also recovered and was determined to be used to prevent the anti-shoplifting devices from detecting the stolen items within it.  Bell was treated at an area hospital for minor complaints of pain.

He has been charged with robbery and possession of an anti-shoplifting device.