Jersey City Man Drowns in Hudson After Good Samaritan Attempts to Save Him Off Hoboken Shore

A tragic incident last night off of the Hoboken shoreline, as a 52-year old, Jersey City man drowned in the Hudson River after attempts made by a good samaritan and emergency services personnel were unsuccessful in rescuing him.

According to Hoboken Police and Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante, 911 calls came into both the Hoboken Police and Fire Departments at 8:02 on Saturday night that two people were in the Hudson River.  When officers arrived on the scene just off of 7th Street and Sinatra Drive, they noticed an individual floating face down.

A short time later, when the Fire Department arrived, and they noticed a person floating face down in the water, as well another person climbing out of the water.  Harbor units were immediately dispatched to the location according to Hoboken Police.

The body floating in the river reached the shoreline, but when firefighters pulled the man out of the water he was in a lifeless state.  Paramedics pronounced the victim deceased a short time later.  The victim has been identified as a 52-year old, Jersey City resident.

The man who climbed out of the water, a good samaritan, has been identified as a 62-year old, Hoboken resident, who unsuccessfully tried to rescue the victim.

According to the Hoboken Police Department, based upon accounts from eye witnesses, there does not appear to be anything suspicious about the victim’s entry into the water.