Jersey City Mayor Fulop and His Wife Expecting Third Child

Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City and his wife, Jaclyn, are eagerly preparing for the joyful arrival of their third child. The Mayor announced the exciting news on Facebook on Monday morning. The couple has a four-year old boy and a two-year old girl.

Mayor Fulop, renowned for his dedication to public service and commitment to the city he leads, expressed his gratitude for the support and warmth received since sharing their pregnancy news. Fulop stated, “Jaclyn and I are overwhelmed with happiness as we anticipate the arrival of our third child. We feel incredibly blessed to expand our family, and we are grateful for the outpouring of love we have received.”

This forthcoming addition to the Fulop family comes as Jersey City continues to witness remarkable growth and development under Mayor Fulop’s leadership. Known for his progressive policies and inclusive vision, Fulop has made substantial strides in improving education, public safety, and community infrastructure throughout the city. His tireless efforts have earned him widespread admiration and recognition.

As Mayor Fulop assumes the responsibility of raising another child, he remains committed to his civic duties, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He has expressed confidence in his ability to fulfill his mayoral responsibilities while cherishing the precious moments with his growing family.

The Mayor, halfway through his third term, recently announced he will be running for Governor in 2025.

The news of Mayor Fulop’s expanding family has generated a wave of support not only from the residents of Jersey City but also from fellow politicians and colleagues across the state. Many have commended Mayor Fulop’s dedication to his constituents and his ability to navigate the demands of public service with personal milestones.

Mayor Fulop’s unwavering commitment to Jersey City remains unchanged, as he reassures the community that he will continue working diligently to enhance the quality of life for all residents. His leadership and progressive vision have positioned Jersey City as a thriving hub of innovation, attracting businesses, fostering diversity, and promoting a vibrant cultural scene.



  1. This entire article is biased, seems like tge writer has a man crush on Mayor Fulop, Jersey city is 2 cities within a city, you have the Heights and Downtown where most of the money is spent, the you have the Greenville section where less than 1% of any funding has been spent, as a journalist if indeed he is a journalist, he cannot be one sided, this apiece sounds like if Major Fulop gave the journalist a heafty contribution to write this article, obviously the journalist has never been to the Greenville section of jersey city, now does he have any experience on interviewing the public…..

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