Newark Man Charged With Using Another Person’s Personal Info To Get NJ Driver’s License

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office says 47-year old, Newark resident Williams Morocho-Avila was arrested, accused of identity theft and fraudulent acquisition of a driver’s license. Prosecutor Esther Suarez says members of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Public IntegritySpecial Investigations Unit, arrested Morocho-Avila was apprehended at the Motor Vehicle Commission Office in North Bergen on Monday, May 22.

According to sources close to the case, the individual in question allegedly used someone else’s personal information in order to fraudulently obtain a driver’s license. This illegal act not only jeopardizes the security of the victim’s identity but also raises concerns about potential misuse of the license.

Morocho-Avila has been charged on a complaint-summons with using the personal identifying information of another, a second-degree crime; and tampering with public records or information, a third degree crime.

He is scheduled tp male first court appearance on Tuesday, June 13 in Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City.

According to Suarez, Morocho-Avila obtained a non-driver identification card and basic driver examination permit at the South Plainfield MVC on December 13, 2022.   An investigation by the NJMVC revealed that on November 13, 2021 a driver’s license was obtained by Morocho-Avila at the North Bergen MVC under a different name.

After thorough scrutiny and corroborative evidence, the Newark Police Department, in collaboration with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), successfully traced the fraudulent driver’s license back to the suspect. Subsequently, a warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest, leading to their apprehension yesterday.

The arrest serves as a significant step in safeguarding the integrity of the driver’s licensing system and protecting individuals from identity theft. Local authorities are now focused on determining the extent of the suspect’s activities and whether there are any additional victims of their fraudulent schemes.

The Newark Police Department has reiterated its commitment to combating identity theft and has urged residents to remain vigilant in safeguarding their personal information. They have encouraged individuals to regularly monitor their credit reports, be cautious of suspicious activity, and promptly report any potential instances of identity theft.

The charges against Morocho-Avila are just accusations and he is presumed innocent he is found guilty in a court of law.


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