Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop Under Fire For Secret Trip to Paris

Oh boy, have we got some juicy gossip for you! It turns out that Mayor Steven Fulop recently took a secret trip to Paris with a bunch of his buddies, including several city officials, to meet with some snooty folks from the Pompidou Museum.

But what could they possibly be discussing, you ask? Oh, nothing much – just plans for building a $40 million satellite of the museum in Jersey City, which they’re calling “Pompidou x.” We’re sure the taxpayers are thrilled to be footing the bill for that!

Of course, some city officials are expressing concerns about the cost of the project. Councilman Richard Boggiano, for example, is worried about the operating expenses, which Mayor Fulop has yet to provide a budget for. And Councilman Frank Gilmore is demanding answers about who paid for the trip in the first place.  The Jersey City Times, which first reported on the trip, says spokesperson Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione says the trip was not paid for using taxpayer funds.

But who cares about those guys, right? We’re sure Mayor Fulop and his crew had a grand old time sipping champagne and discussing fancy art in Paris. And now that they’re back in Jersey City, they can focus on more important matters, like raising funds for Fulop’s expected gubernatorial run.

In any case, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Pompidou x, which will surely put Jersey City on the map as a world-class destination for art snobs everywhere. Because hey, who needs schools and roads when you’ve got a fancy new museum?


  1. Jersey City has made giant strides the last few decades becoming a welcoming place to live and invest with the addition of thee financial district. It appears that leaders in Jersey City are hoping to place Jersey City as a cultural destination increasing its visibility and possibly tourism traffic. It is an investment well worth its potential value for the all the citizens of Jersey City as well as for potential businesses that can draw from the world class museum. This vision of the future is what places Mayor Fulop as a leading contender for Governor of New Jersey in the hopes that New Jersey can benefit statewide from such an outlook for society.

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