North Bergen Police To Address Illegal Parking

The North Bergen Police Department held its monthly community meeting on Wednesday night at the main branch of the township library.

During the session a resident spoke of illegally parked vehicles on Tonnelle Avenue and on 76th Street.  The police will be exploring ways to resolve the issue.

The Police Department reminds residents to contact them if they see something out of the ordinary or suspicious, and they encourage residents to attend future community police meetings to express any concerns they might have directly with the Police Department.

Earlier in the day, the Police Department received word that it had once again received reaccreditation from the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Association.  Only 19-percent of police departments in New Jersey achieve this distinction.

Chief Peter Fasilis and his command staff made a commitment on completing the best practices, with the goal of becoming an accredited police department through the N.J. State Chiefs of Police Association.

A police department must be evaluated in accordance with 112 standards for the Law Enforcement Accreditation Program, which reflect the best practices for having a clear statement of professional objectives.

The standards address general areas of law enforcement operations, such as leadership, resource management, and service delivery.   Conducting community police meetings, such as the one on Wednesday night, only adds to the positive reputation the North Bergen Police Department has achieved.


  1. It would be nice if we could be informed of other meetings or type of meetings like this
    New York Ave is having this type of problem we have to walk in the street so many owners with a parking
    outside of their garages in driveway blocking access to the side walk.

    • Mary:
      The NBPD meetings are publicized on the town website and social media once they are scheduled. As Commissioner Pascual mentioned at last night’s session, the meetings occur every month or two. If you have any concerns on any issues in your neighborhood, parking or otherwise, the NBPD encourages you to give them a call, or attend a future meeting.

  2. Why don’t they speak about getting more parking for residents. We shouldn’t have to be looking for parking for 45mins to an hr by where we live. The major should do something about this problem. Also new street sweeper sings should be renew, some of them we can’t even read!

  3. I take the bus on 37th and Bergen turnpike and daily there’s a car parked at the bus stop, it’s vertically impossible to get or see the next bus, but I’ve been taking the Ny bus for 30 years and there’s always some IDIOT parked at the bus stop. I’ve seen hundreds of NBPD cars pass by and none EVER STOP TO FINE THE ILLEGALLY PARK CARS GET FINED!!!

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