Job Alternatives You Should Think About If You’ve Lost Your Job Because of Covid-19

Because of the unemployment crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many people have needed to reinvent themselves. This was because several sectors couldn’t operate, and a large number of workers lost their jobs. 

During the outbreak, organizations needed to reduce costs and implement new strategies. The demand for tech employees increased because companies needed them to move forward. Working from home became the new standard, and having remote working skills a must.

During isolation, some people began to update their skills. But, as they couldn’t meet employers’ demands, they just wasted their time. Everyone knows that time is valuable, and during these hard times, it’s becoming the main factor to determine if you can succeed or not.

For that reason, if you want to move in the right direction, here are some job alternatives that can help you overcome today’s challenges. They will not only help you deal with the bills but also access better job opportunities. 

Mobile Developer

Mobile developers are helping organizations to take big strides. While customers’ requirements are increasing, mobile developers are creating more sophisticated mobile apps. Smartphones have become vital to people as they not only allow them to make calls but also make their lives easier.

Most customers use their smartphones to accomplish everyday life tasks like buying groceries, for example. During the coronavirus outbreak, web traffic increased as well as the demand for mobile apps. This was because more people began to use digital platforms to shop.

Nowadays, mobile developers are fundamental for organizations as they help companies to stay relevant. Employers are making more attractive offers by providing better benefits and salaries to skilled candidates. In that case, if you want to overcome unemployment, you should become a Mobile Developer.

According to Indeed, an Android developer earns, on average, $145,000 per year at Samsung. Also, as the company wants to make its employees happy, mobile developers enjoy wonderful perks like health insurance, discounts on new phones, and on-site gym classes.

So, if you’re thinking about becoming a mobile developer, you can join General Assembly’s coding bootcamp. General Assembly offers an Android development course that will allow you to learn in-demand skills to impress employers.

During the program, you’ll learn how to build mobile apps using Java, XML, and other useful tools to make users feel engaged. As you will learn from experts, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition. 

Cybersecurity Expert

Becoming a cybersecurity expert is an excellent alternative to fight unemployment. This is because as they are in demand, companies are making quite good offers to candidates with cybersecurity skills.

Cybersecurity experts are responsible for keeping companies’ information safe. By implementing advanced security strategies and analyzing vulnerabilities, they can prevent data breaches and handle any other digital threat. 

According to Glassdoor, a cybersecurity specialist can earn between $71,000 and $133,000 per year at Cisco. So, why not start a new cybersecurity career and earn a six-figure salary? 

To learn cybersecurity skills, you can enroll in the online cybersecurity program offered by Flatiron School. The company allows students to become skilled professionals in only 16 weeks. While learning from home, students develop skills to handle rapidly-advancing threats and stop bad actors.

As every aspirant deserves the opportunity to succeed, Flatiron School offers financing options to its students. As a result, the money will no longer be a barrier, and you will be able to focus on what’s important.

Digital Marketer

During the coronavirus lockdown, online sales increased, and digital marketers became essential to attract customers. Several companies began to make a few changes in their marketing strategies and started to use digital channels to reach more customers.

For example, social networks like Instagram are playing an important role in the online retail sector. As the application uses sophisticated algorithms to classify users, organizations can increase their sales. This is because users see ads based on previously searched content.

On the other hand, digital marketers can also help companies improve their customer retention strategies. As they can provide more personalized experiences to customers, companies can make more customers feel engaged.

Becoming a digital marketer is an excellent choice you can make these days. You’ll be able to not only increase your job opportunities but also help organizations transform the market. You should remember that right now, users are more concerned about the experience they have while shopping.

Learning digital marketing skills is as easy as enrolling in Thinkful’s online coding bootcamps. Thinkful offers a full-time course that allows you to become a digital marketer in only six weeks. Their digital marketing immersion course is handled online, and after completion, you will have the expertise to join any marketing team.

Data Scientist

Another excellent alternative to face unemployment is to become a data scientist. As data is becoming more valuable, and companies need it to build better products, the need for data scientists increases.

Data scientists are responsible for creating useful insights that can lead organizations to success. They analyze and interpret gathered data to help companies make smart, data-driven decisions. As a result, they are becoming indispensable these days.

The job role requires more than coding skills as they need to use statistics to analyze data and provide the best results. However, you can become an exceptional data scientist by enrolling in Springboard’s data science course. 

At Springboard, you’ll learn what’s necessary to lead any company to success, from statistics to machine learning and data storytelling skills. During the program, you’ll receive help from a career support team that will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.


Losing your job during the coronavirus pandemic can be frustrating. But, as you can see, you should always keep a positive mindset as there’s always a solution. To thrive during these hard times, you should consider these job alternatives. They will help you not only to get hired but also to stay relevant in the future.