“Leadership That Listens” Slate Wins All 3 Hoboken BOE Seats

Twitter Photo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               In what was probably the most contested race of any of the election races on tap in Hudson County on Tuesday, the “Leadership That Listens,” Hoboken Board of Education ticket swept their way to victory over the “Kids First” ticket and two independent candidates to capture the three, available Board seats.

Unofficial tallies show that Leslie Norwood, Antonio Grana and Trustee Alex de la Torre each captured more than 4,300 votes, with Norwood receiving the most, approximately 4,800.  Mayor Ravi Bhalla had endorsed the “Leadership That Listens” slate.

The “Kids First” candidate receiving the most votes was Cindy Wiegand, approximately 3,000.  Her running mates Pavel Sokolov and Donna Magen finished fourth and fifth.

Patricia Waiters and former Board Trustee John Madigan brought up the rear.

“Leadership That Listens” issued the following statement after their victory:

“We are extremely thankful that the voters of Hoboken have put their trust in us.  From the very first day of this campaign, it has been about creating a better Hoboken and school system for the children of our community, and we cannot wait to continue that work.  We are sincerely grateful for all of the supporters and volunteers that worked tirelessly on our behalf.”
Leadership that Listens
Leslie Norwood, Antonio Grana, Alex DeLaTorre