Little Drama In Most Races, Low Turnout Expected As Voters Cast Ballots In Hudson County

Voter Registration in West New York
Voter Registration in West New York 2023

It’s Election Day.  In Hudson County, little drama is expected with most of the races, with the possible exceptions of some of Hoboken’s Ward races and the race for Mayor in Kearny.  A low voter turnout is very likely across the county.

Up for grabs are State Senate and State Assembly seats in Hudson County’s four Legislative Districts, 29, 31, 32 and 33 with redistricting playing a role in certain parts of the county.  For example, West New York, which was District 32 is now District 33 and Hoboken, which was District 33 is now located in District 32.  And part of western Hudson County which was in the 32nd, is now part of the 29th District.  I know, confusing.

Anyway, there will be no drama for Hudson County Executive, as Craig Guy, current Executive Tom DeGise’s Chief of Staff, is running unopposed and will become Hudson County’s new Executive for the first time in two decades with DeGise retiring.

As for the Hoboken Ward races, each of the six Wards has opposition expect for Ward 4, where Councilman Ruben Ramos will retain his seat.  The other five are up for grabs.

Voters will also cast ballots for the nine Hudson County Commissioners.  Those are the former Freeholders.

Dina Grilo has no opposition, and she will be re-elected Mayor of East Newark.  Two Council-at-Large seats are also on the ballot for East Newark with no opposition.

In Harrison, four Ward Council seats are on the ballot with no opposition.

In Kearny it’s a three way battle for Mayor between Peter Santana, Sydney Ferreira and Carol Jean Doyle.  There is also a race for 2nd Ward Councilperson in Kearny between Dennis Solano and Jose Rodrigues.

There are also Board of Education races in Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, Guttenberg, Kearny and Secaucus which could provide a bit of drama in a few.

There is also a public question on the ballot in East Newark today.  The local Board of Education is asking voters whether it approves of changing from a seven-person board, Type I school district, whereby the Mayor appoints the trustees, to a nine-person board, Type II district where the public votes for the board members.  Such an election would be held in either April or November.

Polls throughout Hudson County remain open until 8 o’clock tonight.