Liz Urtecho Submits 273 Petition Signatures for Hoboken City Council 5th Ward Race

Liz Urtecho Petitions

According to a press release sent by Liz Urtecho’s campaign, in the race for the Hoboken City Council 5th Ward seat, candidate Liz Urtecho has made a notable submission of 273 petition signatures. This comes after reports earlier this year highlighted her as the top fundraiser among the candidates, further emphasizing the momentum of her campaign.

Hoboken, NJ – On August 25, 2023, Liz Urtecho, a candidate for Hoboken City Council’s 5th Ward, announced her submission of 273 petition signatures, a number significantly higher than the required 69 to qualify for the ballot. This figure stands out, especially when compared to the current City Councilmember for the 5th Ward, who submitted 141 signatures for his reelection this year, as reported by Patch.

The Hoboken City Council elections have always been a focal point for local residents. Petition signatures play a crucial role in this process, serving as an early indicator of a candidate’s grassroots support. Liz Urtecho’s campaign has been marked by her dedication to the community and her proactive approach to addressing local issues.

“I am incredibly humbled by the tremendous outpouring of support from voters across the district,” commented Urtecho. The overwhelming number of signatures indicates a strong desire for change among the 5th Ward voters.

Earlier in the year, Hudson County View reported that Liz Urtecho raised the most funds of any Hoboken council member or candidate in Q1, further showcasing her campaign’s strength and community backing.

“The fact we keep leading the pack shows how hard we are willing to work to win this election and finally deliver the level of service the 5th Ward deserves in their representative,” says Urtecho. She remains committed to working diligently up to the November 7th General Election and beyond.

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