Retirees Get Special Treatment With Hotdogs and Spanish Throwbacks in Union City’s Palisades Plaza



The Palisades Plaza came alive on Wednesday with a vibrant celebration of music and culture as “Emilio Valdez y los Soneros” took the stage to deliver an unforgettable evening of Spanish tunes. The local band brought a fusion of bachata, salsa, and merengue music to the heart of Union City, treating the community to a night of joyous festivities.

In what turned out to be a short yet enchanting hour-long spectacle, the streets of Union City were blessed with the rhythmic melodies of “Emilio Valdez y los Soneros”. The event proved to be a delight for the senses, with residents of all ages coming together to revel in the magic of music and dance.

The focal point of the event was the enthusiastic participation of the senior citizens from the Palisades Plaza. With hearts full of youthful spirit, they embraced the music, singing along with every lyric and swaying to the infectious rhythms. The plaza was transformed into a dance floor where age became just a number, and the joy of the moment united generations.

Known for their exceptional talent and charismatic performances, the band delivered well-known bachata, salsa, and merengue tunes that resonate deeply with their audience. Their flair and style add an extra layer of energy and enthusiasm to every performance, creating an atmosphere that is both electrifying and heartwarming.

The event showcased the power of music to bring people together, transcending barriers and differences and age groups. 

“Emilio Valdez y los Soneros” have become synonymous with celebration in Union City, and their latest performance at the Palisades Plaza was no exception. The event not only allowed the local community to enjoy a night of entertainment but also reminded everyone of the rich cultural tapestry that makes Union City a unique and vibrant place to live. 

As the sun set on the Plaza, leaving behind a trail of joyful echoes, it was clear that “Emilio Valdez y los Soneros” had once again woven a musical tapestry that would linger in the hearts of Union City’s residents for days to come. The event served as a reminder that amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, moments of shared happiness and unity are truly something to be cherished.