Major Sewer Line Repairs In Jersey City Will Cause Serious Traffic Delays In Jersey City & Bayonne

Photo Credit:  google maps                                                                                                                                                                                                              Beginning August 26, the JCMUA will conduct 24/7 emergency repair work on Route 440 to replace the 100+ year old sewer pipes that have partially collapsed 17 feet underground. The partial collapse of the sewer pipe was identified during routine inspections. The construction is expected to take approximately 14 days, weather permitting.

As a result, please prepare for road closures along Route 440 from Route 185 to Danforth Avenue in the northbound direction and along Route 440 from Communipaw Avenue to Danforth Avenue in the southbound direction.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, as it is expected to significantly impact traffic in the surrounding area.  However, this emergency construction is extremely necessary to fix any potential dangers for drivers and residents, and the many service lines a full collapse will disrupt.

In a robo-call to Bayonne residents on Friday, August 19, Mayor Jimmy Davis said, “Due to a potential catastrophic failure of sewer lines in Jersey City on Route 440 and Danforth Ave, emergency work to repair these lines is scheduled to begin next week. This work is complex and will cause a traffic shutdown on the Route 440 Corridor.”  Mayor Davis continued, “Bayonne will be impacted by this shutdown, as traffic will be rerouted, mostly to the NJ Turnpike.  Work on the northbound side of Route 440 and Danforth Ave, which is the side which will mostly impact Bayonne, will take approximately seven days once it begins.  Work is scheduled to begin towards the end of next week.”  

Traffic impacts after the first seven days may continue in this area, due to work on the southbound side of Route 440.

Mayor Davis stated, “I have been holding meetings with Jersey City, NJ Turnpike, Port Authority, Bayonne Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Bayonne Police, and others to ensure that Bayonne is prepared and equipped to handle the serious traffic impacts that will affect our city.  I can assure you that we are doing everything possible to lessen the impacts on our residents.  I have directed Bayonne Office of Emergency Management to keep the public advised throughout this emergency work effort.  Please keep an eye out on all the city’s social media platforms, the city website, and local news outlets for the latest information.”

Mayor Davis concluded, “We know the potential for inconvenience is high, and I want to thank you all in advance for your patience, as this critical work is performed. I want to take a moment to wish you all a happy and safe last couple of weeks of summer and I will see you around the town.”

The following construction dates are tentative due to the nature of the project and potential weather and are subject to change:

August 26-September 1 — All northbound Rt. 440 lanes will be closed for approximately 7 days.  

August 26-September 8 — All Rt. 440 southbound lanes will be closed for approximately 14 days.

No trucks will be allowed to drive through Country Village or any other side roads during construction. All truck routes will be marked for detours.



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